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The 90’s Nostalgia ❤️

There’s always been a discourse about the “90s Kid” or “the 90s” so let’s talk about it and get nostalgic. I myself being born in 1997, somehow managed to remain a 90s kid and I can’t be lucky enough to carry the best memories with me the rest of my life.

A 90s kid has all the reason in the world to brag about being born in the 90s as well as cry their eyes out while being nostalgic in this fast-paced 21st century.


Cartoon Network, Pogo and Disney gave you the best shows ever, and you crave for those shows even today. Tom and Jerry, Oswald, Noddy, Bob the builder, The Powerpuff Girls, The Flintstones, Tweety, Looney tunes, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Courage the cowardly dog and the list go on. Remember how we use to complete our homework hurriedly just so we can watch our favourite shows in peace without mummy’s “chik-chik” as background music. I really feel sorry for those kids who find bliss in cartoons like “CHOTTA BHEEM” & “OGGY and the COCKROACHES”.


2. Tv Shows


Horrible Coutumes, Pathetic villains, and even more pathetic superhero – that’s what you think when you look at Shaktiman today. But when you were a kid in 90s and this show was all the rage, you thought the world is safe because of your Indian superhero. I remember, one of my friends came as Shaktiman in school’s fancy dress competition and managed to get the first position. And I’m pretty sure you also use to whirr around the house in Shaktiman style and basically annoy everybody.

Son Pari

It was children’s fantasy adventure series though aired after the 2000s it somehow maintained to be one of our favourites. I used to get so excited thinking someday some sort of “sonpari” will also come into my life and ask mom where I can find someone like son pari. Apart from this, the show’s cast was so good which often makes me go awe. Altu and Daddi was my absolute favourite. Their mischief behaviour took my heart.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom

How can we forget about Sanju and the Magic Pencil? I distinctly remember buying a plethora of pencils similar to Sanju and hope at least for once in life just one object pops out of my drawing book after all life would have been so simple then, right? This show did the pencil advertisement on the point which other pencil company can’t even think of.

3. Candies

Phantom (sweet cigarettes), Kismi, Melody, Rol-a-cola, mango bite all these delights brought a twinkle in the eyes. It was the time when roll-a-cola was just introduced to us and as kids, we can’t afford cola bottles so we use to save from our pocket money and buy these candies and mix it with water and bingo !! your DIY cola is ready.

Phantom cigarettes candies brought out the gangster in every kid. Wearing an imaginary fedora hat and having a phantom ciggie between your teeth was how cool kids rolled back then.

4. Class Games/ PC gaming  

No one 90s kid has crossed their school life without playing a game of pen-fight, book-cricket, red hand with their gang.

Owning a PC back then was a big thing and if you were lucky enough to have it, you can never forget those little flights with your friends or cousins with regard to the amount of time one would play. Mario, GTA vice-city, Roadrash were among the most popular games.

5. Comics

The 90s didn’t know what boredom feels like even during their long train journeys, thanks to the comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Suppandi, Champak, Magic Pot.

6. Listening to music

Much before we could just download music from the internet, listening to music and saving them was a really strenuous job. On radio when your favourite song was aired you would have jumped over a pile of things just so you can record the music for later listening.

An endless collection of cassettes and a walkman were necessary possessions of a music enthusiast, and if you were one, you could not be missed out on fixing your tapes with pen/pencil.

There were a lot more things I could recollect while writing this, but unfortunately describing them all here isn’t possible. So yeah, this was few things I shared with you and will definitely wait for you to share some memories with me in the comment section below.

PS: People born in the 90s have lived in 3 decades, 2 centuries and 2 millenniums aren’t amusing.


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