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Christmas movies to boost up the holiday spirit

Well, December is all about Christmas and New year celebrations and every other person choose to celebrate in their own way. I personally don’t like to party on these special occasions because it’s too crowded far and wide. So, instead of partying outside I choose to stay back, grab my favourite blanket with a mug full of hot chocolate (or coffee) and watch Christmas movies.

These are a few of my favourite form this year. Click on the images to watch the trailer. 

The Christmas Chronicles

The adventure of brother and sister along with Santa Claus in saving the Christmas spirit is just what you need to watch. I personally loved the film because as a child I always believed that Santa Claus does comes down the chimney, keeps our gift inside the socks (which I still believe) and exactly this has been depicted in the film. With all the plannings to catch the Santa to sneak into his sleigh to work together to save the Christmas is what I enjoyed throughout the movie and I bet you will too.

The Princess Switch

Christmas movies aren’t complete without a prince and a princess. In ‘The princess switch’, you get to watch the mischievous adventure of the Duchess of Montenaro switching places with an ordinary girl who looks exactly the same. And in the meanwhile, they fall in love with each other’s beaus. I know it sounds cliche, which is quite true but it’s definitely fun to watch when you are bored of watching those Christmas Classics.

Christmas Inheritance

Well, this movie is kinda cheesy but hey wait, good enough for a relaxed evening. The lead actor, Ellie takes up the challenge in proving his father that she is capable enough to handle family’s toy business. Contradictorily to make his daughter understand the hardships of daily life and the joy of helping other he sends him to Snow Falls(where the business started) with only a few dollars in her purse. Therefore I found it quite interesting to watch with those rusty adventures going on with her.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

What kind of Christmas is it if it’s not royal. The most popular movie from last year The Christmas prince has released its sequel this year. Again it’s a cliche Christmas movie but hey don’t be judgy so soon. It’s just I found the movie to be very comforting to watch with a warm blanket and some hot cocoa on a wintry night. Another reason me liking this because of the fact that the main female character is a blogger turned future queen of Aldovia.

All the mentioned movies are Netflix original so if you don’t have Netflix Subscription, you can download the movies from torrent. 

Picture credits: google, youtube and fine art America

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