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    Christmas movies to boost up the holiday spirit

    Well, December is all about Christmas and New year celebrations and every other person choose to celebrate in their own way. I personally don’t like to party on these special occasions because it’s too crowded far and wide. So, instead of partying outside I choose to stay back, grab my favourite blanket with a mug full of hot chocolate (or coffee) and watch Christmas movies. These are a few of my favourite form this year. Click on the images to watch the trailer.  The Christmas Chronicles The adventure of brother and sister along with Santa Claus in saving the Christmas spirit is just what you need to watch. I personally…

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    6 Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix For A Chill Weekend

    Binge-watch: to watch multiple episodes of a TV series in rapid succession, an extreme sport. A sport we all know and love! After having an exasperating week, all you want is to have a soul rejuvenating weekend. Isn’t it? So, for those lazy bodies who just want to sit back and enjoy the weekend, ‘Netflix and Chill’ is the ultimate thing to do. Here’s my top 6 absolute favourite list to watch on Netflix. These are the shows I’ve binge-watch myself. Chances are, you have probably watched some of these already, especially since if spend a lot of time on Netflix. If you haven’t, though, be sure to check them…

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    The 90’s Nostalgia ❤️

    There’s always been a discourse about the “90s Kid” or “the 90s” so let’s talk about it and get nostalgic. I myself being born in 1997, somehow managed to remain a 90s kid and I can’t be lucky enough to carry the best memories with me the rest of my life. A 90s kid has all the reason in the world to brag about being born in the 90s as well as cry their eyes out while being nostalgic in this fast-paced 21st century. 1. BEST CARTOONS Cartoon Network, Pogo and Disney gave you the best shows ever, and you crave for those shows even today. Tom and Jerry, Oswald,…